Japan University Stars of the Future #4

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November 2, 2016
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November 25, 2016
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Japan University Stars of the Future #4

LRB sports spent the weekend with Cook Island/Maori rugby player Jayden Toa-Maxwell. Tune in and hear about this young fellas rise to success.

Name: Jayden Toa-Maxwell

Country: New Zealand

Hometown: Hamilton/Palmerston North

Height: 183cm

Weight: 112kg

Rugby Team : Hakuoh University (Tochigi Prefecture-Oyama)

First impression of Japan? ‘long way from home’ totally opposite to New Zealand, bright lights and small eyes everywhere. But I have really adapted to the culture and love my second home Japan.

Favourite food? defiantly my Mums Cooking. But In Japan has to be Yakiniku.

Favourite Japanese Word? ありがとう (Arigato) forever thankful to be given this opportunity to be here in Japan.

Future ambitions? Hopefully still be in Japan, eating some Yakiniku and playing some footy. LRB onegaishimasu. Haha

People you look up to and why? My Mom. What she has been through and how she has overcome adversity. The strength she has and the person she is i admire so much.

Favourite player and why? Julian Savea/Manu Tuilangi. There ball running skills and the aggression/up the guts, straight forward, no side ways or backwards running style. Up the guts!!!!!!

Advice to high school players?
Playing Rugby in Japan is not easy and a lot different to home. You have to put in a lot of hard work, adapt and respect the culture and sacrifice a lot of time. But you will also learn a lot of discipline, meet a lot of good people, make new friends, eat some solid food, learn a new language and enjoy some good rugby.

Favourite Quote: ‘No Fear’ something my Dad taught me at a young age and how I like to play my Footy. With no fear and aggression.

If you wern’t playing rugby what would you be doing now? I would either be working in Aussie (in the Mines) or Nz somewhere. Probably not playing rugby anymore either. Never wanted the strain of a student loan burdened on my Mum or myself if I had chosen to study.


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