LRB SPORTS NEW RECRUITS 2017 – Lara Diamond-Brahne

March 28, 2017
LRB SPORTS NEW RECRUITS 2017 – Maira Bravo Behrendt
October 22, 2017
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LRB SPORTS NEW RECRUITS 2017 – Lara Diamond-Brahne


Name: Lara Diamond-Brahne
Hometown/Birthplace: Auckland: New Zealand
Iwi: Ngái Tahu
Position in 7’s: Winger

What made you want to play rugby in Nippon?

Experience the Japanese culture, life time experience, training in a professional environment and focussing on my rugby career.

Whats your thoughts on womens rugby in Japan?

Woman’s rugby in Japan is definitely growing, when I played there last, I noticed that they play with heart.

Whats your favorite Japanese food?

Sashimi! I could eat this everyday! But it is very expensive here in NZ

What jaapnese words do you know already?

Watashi wa Diamond-Brahne Desu
Ohayōgozaimasu – Good Morning
Arigatou gozaimasu – Thank you
Sayonara – Bye

Who do you look up to as a role model?

In life, that would be my older brother Tere Diamond. He has taught me a lot in my life and supported me with every decision I have made in life.

In Rugby, It would have to be a person I consider with a kind, big heart and plays with an even bigger heart and that is Linda Itunu. I got to play alongside her for my first year of 7’s. She helped me mentally on and off the field and showed me what mental toughness is on the field! She would always push though even though until the end.

What do you think you can add most to your team here in Japan?

I think that I can add some speed, go forward and mental toughness within the team.

Do you have any worries or concerns about making the move over?

Leaving my partner, daughter and step son was the hardest decision. Especially leaving my little girl was by far the hardest as it has always just been me and her and wherever I go she goes, I now look at it now as the best decision for myself and for her to see that mum’s don’t have to give their dreams up and they can still do things.

What NZ food do you think you will miss the most?

I am a big meat eater so it would be that.

Whats your image of Japan?

I have been to Japan twice before 2014 and 2015 for 7’s tournaments, my image of Japan is a big city life.

What things are you hoping to try here?

I havnt thought that far ahead just yet, right now my focus is to come over and purely focus on training and playing. It would nice to

How do you feel about living in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo which has a population of 14 million?

I feel excited!

What messgae do you have for young girls in (your birth place/hometown) and the rest of NZ who want to play rugby at the highest level?

My message to them would be, don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your dreams, if you want something you need to work for it cause no one else is going to do it for you. Keep on grinding even when you do make it to the highest level (which I am still trying to strive towards) mental toughness plays a major part in chasing that dream and anyone who can push through can do anything, you have to bring the right attitude and right mindset.

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