LRB SPORTS NEW RECRUITS 2019 – Coach Mike Pettman

October 23, 2017
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LRB SPORTS NEW RECRUITS 2019 – Coach Mike Pettman

Name: Mike Pettman

Hometown/Birthplace: Pahiatua

What made you want to coach rugby in Japan? The experience of coaching athletes in another country that is rapidly rising

What Japanese words do you know already? Not many, but am trying to learn. I know the hiragana and the katakana characters and am looking forward to the challenge of actually speaking it.

Who do you look up to as a role model? Joe Schmidt

What do you think you can add most to the team here in Japan? Skills to complement a smart attacking and defensive structure

Did you have any worries or concerns about making the short term move to Japan? Mostly the language but I am more excited than worried

What kiwi food do you think you will miss the most? Venison

Whats your image of Japan? Beautiful….with a lot of people

What things are you hoping to try in Japan? Climbing Mt Fuji and learning more about the culture

From what you’ve seen/heard whats your thoughts on womens rugby in Japan? I have watched our team play in last years tournaments. I think that there are some very talented athletes which I am looking forward to working with.

Whats your favorite Japanese food? I love Japanese food…It’s all good

What values do you set for yourself as a Coach of a team?
1. The team always comes first.
2. What are the athletes needs & how can I help them achieve their goals
3. Make it fun

What is the most rewarding part of being a coach? Friendship and helping the athletes achieve their individual goals while contributing to the teams success

If we asked one of your players to describe you and your qualities as a coach what sort of things would they say about you? When I first started coaching I had a very successful coach told me that “the players will become what you are”. I made myself hardworking and am continuously looking to improve (kaizen). I would like to think that this is what my players think of me.

What are your career goals as a coach? I would like to be on the world 7s circuit.

Finally, if you were on a plane for 24 hours who would you like to sit by and why? Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger the hero from the miracle on the Hudson….I would be in no better hands.

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