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About Luke & LRB Sports

The beginning

Kia ora everyone, My name is Luke Bradley, creator of LRB sports.

When coming up with the idea of LRB sports two significant maori words came to mind. First being ANGITU, angitu literally means opportunities, something emerging and striving to become successful. Our responsibility here at LRB sports is discovering that talent, nurturing and creating a platform for the talent to grow and become successful.

The second word being “Āniwaniwa” (Rainbow) from the proverb “Whāia te āniwaniwa” (Chase the rainbow) which in a general way alludes to finding something precious (talent) with the hope being that it creates opportunities. At LRB sports the opportunities are endless and the chance to chase your dream is ever so real.

About Luke

Having worked in the Japanese Education system for 10 years I feel extremely fortunate to have developed a great understanding of the Japanese culture and also the way of thinking. My Rugby playing career includes time with PSI, YC&AC and IBM. During this time I was able to get a very clear idea of how a Japanese team operates from the inside and the values that are important to them. As a coach I have helped develop grassroots rugby in Yamagata, coached Junior high school level rugby in Sendai, assisted top level womens 7's and currently helping high school teams in the Saitama area. Currently a member of the Japan Rugby league team.


In 2014 I started voluntarily recruiting players and spot coaches for short term and long term contracts here in Japan. During this time I was able to make a great number of contacts from high school level right through to Top League level at the same time gaining an abundance of knowledge and experience in the field. Being fluent in both Japanese and English has definitely helped when negotiating with Teams who often don't have English speakers. It gives me great pleasure finding teams for players where they can truly shine and utilise their naturally given talents. I take great pride in finding sponsorship for my clients and ensuring a smooth transition to Japan rugby. For athletes closing in on retirement ensuring they have numerous options off the playing field will be a area I will look to specialize in.

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